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Network Bandwidth Monitor Network Bandwidth Monitor
NBMonitor tracks Internet bandwidth usage (upload and downloads) and shows process names initiated network connections...
Network Hardware Inventory Software Network Hardware Inventory Software
Nsasoft Hardware Software Inventory is a powerful network inventory software for home, office and enterprise networks...
BlueAuditor Monitors Mobile Devices in Wireless Network BlueAuditor Monitors Mobile Devices in Wireless Network
BlueAuditor is a wireless personal area network auditor and easy-to-use program for detecting and monitoring mobile devices in a wireless network...
Network Access Monitoring Network Access Monitoring
ShareAlarmPro allows easily perform network shares and folder monitoring, block unwanted users attempting to access secured shares...
Network Shares Monitoring Network Share Watcher
Monitors network folders permissions and identify shares which are violating company data access policy...
NetworkSleuth Network File Search Utili NetworkSleuth Network File Search Utiliy
NetworkSleuth is a network file searching utility, that allows you to quickly locate files across a network....
Product Key Finder Product Key Finder
Product Key Explorer enables you to quickly recover over 3000 popular software product keys from network computers...
Backup Key Recovery Crashed Drive Keys Recovery Backup Key Recovery Crashed Drive Keys Recovery
Backup Key Recovery retrieves product keys for Windows, MS Office, SQL Server, Adobe products and more than 2500 popular software products...

Network Security And Vulnerability Articles

Can you make sure for yourself how Secure Is Your Network?
o you consider it vital implementing perfect network connection?
If you manage this it will mean securing your working process since life and technologieas are ever changing and requiring persistent observation and attention.
Security Vulnerabilities are among the foremost concerns for network and security professionals as it provides a critical threat for efficiency and effectiveness of an organization to meet the ever-increasing speed with which exploits are written and propagated. It is extremely important to identify network security vulnerabilities proactively before a hacker does it for planning an attack on the organization. Network security vulnerabilities are significant threat to control measures of an organization.

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  Facebook Password Recovery

Facebook is a social networking service and has over one billion active users. Users must register before using the site, after which they may create personal, add other users as friends, and exchange messages, including automatic notifications when they update their profile. But sometimes they can forget their Facebook password and username. We can help them to recover Facebook passwords.

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  Network Security Auditing

Every business encircles the frame of tangible assests of the company activities in order to get a clear picture of the security risks they encounter and how to best deal with these threats.
After drawing the necessary and acceptable boundaries one must choose the various tools by means of which network security is achieved: firewalls and proxy servers, encryption, logical security and access controls, anti-virus software, and auditing systems such as log management, etc.

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  Network Auditing

Do you want to know a secret? Security isn’t about hacking, nasty, malicious software or the vulnerability of the day. Security is about maintaining a system and process that provides access to critical data without exposing your company or customers to excessive risk. Auditing is one of the most important aspects of maintaining that system, because it provides the opportunity to test assumptions about the security posture of networked systems and compare that posture with standards and regulations. Auditors ask the questions “How do you know that you are secure?” and “Can you prove that your security technology works?”
Network Auditing software is a vital means for providing and enabling the process of carrying out most important vulnerability procedures of entire network. Network security is apt to provide the safety of the entire network eliminating the upcoming hazards that will evidently abrupt the working process.

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  Network Security Software

Network Security Software is an important part of the information security software used implemented for establishing and providing safe and clean information to avoid malicious intrusions from aside.
Network security is a major challenge for network operators and internet service providers in order to prevent it from the attack of intruders. Network administrators make use of various tools the most convenient of which appear security softwares for handling the issue of network security.
Network Security Software is subdivided into several categories, such as antivirus software, web vulnerability scanners, intrusion detector software, firewalls and many others...

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  Network Access Control

Network Access Control (NAC) is a computer network security tool that tries to implement endpoint security technology, user or system against fraudulent transmissions and network security enforcement.
Network Access Control (NAC) by means of a set of protocols defines and implements a policy that describes how to secure access to network when attempt is made to access it. On of the definitions Paul Rubens gives who is a frequent contributor to Internet.com and writes regularly for ServerWatch.com, EnterpriseStorageForum.com and EnterpriseNetworkingPlanet.com to NAC is as follows: “Network Access Control aims to do exactly what the name implies—control access to a network with policies, including pre-admission endpoint security policy checks and post-admission controls over where users and devices can go on a network and what they can do”.

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  Wireless Network Security

Nowadays possessing a computer has become a real necessity since most of the cultural activities are being carried out by means of computing.
Via Internet connection people gain information on different spheres(news, weather, sports, recipes, yellow pages and a million other things) thus emphasizing the existing of computer as not only a luxury but also a necessity.
The term Wireless network connection itself dictates that it is a type of computer network connected by no cables. Wireless telecommunications networks are generally applied and implemented using a transmission system called radio waves. Radio waves may occur naturally-as a result of lightning or by astronomical objects and artificially-generated radio waves which are appliable for mobile radio communication, broadcasting, navigation systems, computer networks and other applications at the physical layer of the network structure.

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  Network Scanner

Software that analyzes a network to determine its openness to unwanted intruders is represented as Network scanner. A network scanner is a computer program that envisions a network to determine which computers and services are available to be exploited.
Network Scanner is an IP scanner for network analysis that will enable you to detect an ullimited number of network computers in a few seconds. Network scanner operates very quickly due to multi-directed scanning when every computer is scanned separately. You can change the number of computers scanned at the same time. You can export the scan results to html, txt or xml.

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  Internet Security

The extension of general information systems has brought about with itself a bunch of privacy and security concerns not only for separate users but also for huge organizations. Here several aspects may be considered: all the private employee data and the company’s important information is recorded in computers, besides there ere organizations that perform all their management and business activities via internet. All these points confirm the necessity of an organization to be responsible and keep an eye on computing systems and find out the real way of protecting oneself. The best way to be safe is to investigate and understand what common tricks are, and how to avoid getting into the wicked trap of hackers...

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  Computer Security

The field of information security has grown and evolved significantly in recent years having for its base the rise of the Internet which in its turn has resulted in many important issues being raised. One of these major issues directly concerns privacy and security. The protection of data (information security) is the most important since it is necessary for preventing loss of server resources as well as network from being used for illegal purposes. In other words, computer security is a branch of computer technology known as information security as applied to computers and networks.
Information Security Components and characteristic features are Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability (CIA). Information Systems are decomposed in three main portions, hardware, software and communications having their protection and prevention of information at three levels: physical, personal and organizational. The term computer system security is the integrity of processes and mechanisms by which valuable information and services are protected from being collapsed by unauthorized individuals and unplanned events.

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  Computer Network

A Computer Network can make much easier one's technical capabilities if they have in their possession multiple computers and a number of various technical equipment for increasing the functioning of computers. When computers are in a network, tasks can be more effective enabling people to save both time and money. Computer networks are very comfortable not only for home or small businesses, but also for wide area networks (WAN). Another important factor is computer network security which operators should be aware of when looking at networking through a WAN.
Networking at home allows the system operator to share a single Internet connection between the whole set of computers at home. Today's wireless networking enables the computers to be connected to the network by using radio signals making wireless connections a really tempting option for many users.

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  Information Security

For centuries people have been collecting and storing different types of information for various reasons. Today, thanks to the new information technologies the process of collecting and providing information throughout the world is as easy as never before. Though technologies made this process digital, convenient, and dynamic, still information security should be the main concern for those who own and control any type of information, especially when it concerns public, business and government sectors.

But there is a good news! The same technological progress also provides effective solutions to protect and secure the digital data.

We will have a look at information security aspects and some of its solutions.

Why Information needs security?

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  Network Attack

Internet Security is a fashionable and fast-moving field; the attacks that are catching the headlines can change significantly from one year to the next. Regardless of whether they’re directly relevant to the work you do, network-based attacks are so high-profile that they will surely have some impact, even if you only use hacker stories to get your client to allocate increased budgets to counter the more serious threats. It is said that networks can be secured by encryption, by firewalls.
A Network Attack can be defined as any method, process or means used to maliciously attempt to compromise the security of the network.
In fact, there is «a group» between the attackers, who try to find loopholes, and the vendors, who develop patches for them. exploits that are not only well known but for which tools are available on the Net.

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  Home Network Security

The area of network security comprises the methods and provisions called to impede illegal access, misuse, alteration, or denial of the computer network and its resources. All this is monitored by Network administrator. The individually assigned IDs and passwords allow access to information without additional intervention in public, private computer networks, used in business, by governmental organizations, agencies and individuals which surely correlates and balances their activities. By computer network, we undestand a collection of interconnected computers and devices that allows sharing of resources and information. Computer networking or Data communications (Datacom) is a discipline that deals with computer networks. Network Security comprises the activities in an organization, enterprises, and other institutions. It does as its title explains, secures the network, monitors different processes being done, keeps an eye on decoy resources not to exploit computing techniques applied by users.

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  Network Monitoring

In Network Security article we learned about security measures and intrusion detection systems which monitor networks for threats coming from outside by unauthorized users. But external threads are not the only reason for crashing or failing of network systems. Every network administration specialist would tell you that in many cases network failures are first caused by internal issues like overloaded servers, slow performance of network connections or incompatibility issues on deployed software or devices.
This article observes the concept of network monitoring, its areas and solutions.

Monitoring and its Mission
Network Monitoring System (NMS) is not aimed at tracking network related problems only but it is also a strategic measure that assists in optimization of data flow and access in an unexpectedly changing environment. In other words monitoring focuses not only on security issues but mainly on optimization, effective management and deployment of networks.

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  Password Recovery

Forgetting password happens to everyone but what to do when weed to regain access to password-protected files or systems?
Password Cracking is the series of oprations of getting back passwords from the data stored in a computer system. We usually either try repeatedly to guess the forgotten password or recover a forgotten password replacing it with an entirely new password applying password cracking. Passwords recovery software is called to aid users to recover passwords for lost or forgotten email accounts.

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  Product Key Recovery

Changes, operating systems, network environments and user expectations usually make programs obsolete much faster than expected. We have inadvertently deleted files or even formatted disk drives and later discovered that critical data was unintentionally erased.
Here a Key Recovery Program comes to help designed to read and decrypt and/or de-obfuscate the key to its original state. When the key is returned to its original state, it may be used to reinstall its corresponding software. Other reasons for needing a data recovery utility may include: virus infection, unexpected shutdowns or software failure. Panic is a normal response when data is lost or erased. Furthermore such disasters inevitably happen when time is of the essence. The pressure to do something is intense and the problem compounded. Emergency data recovery is a high risk business, but especially when the basic tools need to be identified and evaluated before work can begin.

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  Ethical Hacking

Due to growing of IT hacking activity worldwide, people are becoming more and more concerned about their security system failures. Throughout your business or everyday life you probably came across with such issues as hacking, system security, data protection etc. The ‘cancer’ of modern technology, hacking, is having rapid development and expanding its targets absorbing business, state and other confidential systems. If you are running a business which deals with huge amount of data and networking then you should really care about your systems’ security and protection...

But is it possible to ensure system security in this age of technology and networks?
The answer is ‘Yes’ and we will find out how it works.

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  Network Security

Network Systems are one of the key players in contemporary business life. Some networks are private while others are open to public access. The obvious example of a public network is the Internet. Conversely, most big companies today prefer private networking accessed locally by limited number of people. Rapidly growing networks became even portable and dynamic and now may be accessed from homes or hotel rooms while on the road through normal telephone lines.

No matter whether your network is private or public it should have robust security and be safely protected. In this article we will discuss where network security starts and will describe common measures taken for its safety.

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  Data Recovery

Computers are great tools, probably one of the greatest tools ever invented. Our reliance upon these machines is frightening at times, especially when you think about all of the data stored on them. As consumers, and business owners we keep everything on our computers: our company's financial records, pictures of our kids, home videos, our personal financial information....the list goes on and on.
Data Recovery is the process of saving data from damaged, failed, corrupted, or inaccessible secondary storage media when it cannot be accessed normally. Computer data storage refers to computer components and provides one of the core functions of the modern computer, that of information retention.

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  Company Security Policy

Security Polices have become a hazardous evil in today’s computerized world. Without a Security Policy, one becomes quite an open target for numerous attacks. Here we will try to find out and represent the possible means to be applied successfully for sake of defining a security policy.
What is a Security Policy?
For an organization, it addresses the limitations on behavior of its members as well as constraints imposed on adversaries by mechanisms such as doors, locks, keys and walls. For systems, the security policy addresses constraints on functions and flow among them, limitations on access by external systems including programs and access to data by people. To make the idea clearer, here is an example example I first stated with the Porn Surfer… It doesn’t help ‘after’ the fact when your dealing with a court case, if you had a policy in place to keep people informed about what it is they can or cannot do (like surf the web during business hours hitting sites that are not business related) they may not do it in the first place, and if they do, you have a tool (the policy) to hold them accountable.

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  WebSite Security

Website Security is possibly today's most noisy and multiaspect field that is a prior task in any organization. It is worth saying for an introduction that Web is a system of interconnected documents accessed via the Internet. On the whole the term called “WEB”is known to be a human knowledge and culture storage, which enables users in remote sites to share their ideas and thoughts in all aspects of a common computing project. Since unknown “intruders” are concentrated on web applications, customer databases should somehow be well-protected. As a result, industry is paying increased attention both to the security of the web applications and also to the underlying computer network and operating systems.

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Firewalls are one of the most important tools providing network security. A firewalled system is an automated process blocking possible attacks and does not require much of human interference.
The essence of firewall is in the ability to track the source of every file circulating in the local area network for solving the matter of “undesirable” viruses.
Personal firewall is a technology that helps to prevent intruders from accessing data on your PC via the Internet or another network, by keeping unauthorized data from entering or exiting your system. Hackers don't just target national global organizations. They focus on tax returns, network passwords, bank account numbers. Although a firewall is sufficient enough to keep intruders from accessing your system remotely, it is necessary for you to make certain by visiting a Web site that will test your system and try to find Internet security deficiencies just the way a cracker would.

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  Antivirus Software

Gradually, computer viruses are becoming more prevalent. This is not because any one viral strain is getting out of hand; it is because the number of different viruses is growing with time. Most viruses that are written appear to be below the epidemic threshold. Of the ones that we have seen, just a small minority account for a substantial majority of the incidents. The ones that are most successful seem to increase in prevalence for a year or two at a strongly sub-xponential rate (approximately linear!) and then level off at a very low level of incidence. This qualitatively slow spread rate indicates that software exchange is highly localized. It is good news for known-virus technology; it means that updates can be sent out less frequently than would be required if the growth rate were exponential. Even more so, it is very good news for all PC users, who should be thankful that previous predictions of exponential growth were so far off the mark.

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  Software Comparison

It is beyond questioning that like different aspects of life and various organizational fields, Software is a huge mechanism aggregating its units by means of its unique management.
The effectiveness of any innovation is implemented in the aftermath of Evaluation and Selection.
Software Comparison allows you to compare the most popular software on the market and find out which products works and which not. You are able to quickly and easily compare your files and folders. By using simple, powerful commands you can focus on the differences you're interested in and ignore those you're not. You can then make changes in your files, generate reports for your records, you can compare drives and folders at high speed, checking different computing elements.
Software Evaluation and Comparison can become an emotive issue in some companies. Those tasked with finding software or those involved in the software selection and comparison process or software requirements specification often base their selection on the fact that they like "the look" of a particular software application.

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  Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing is cool; everybody knows this. However, despite the temptaions of openness, the platform actually has quite a bit of maturing to do around interoperability. In fact, the very definition of what openness means in a cloud environment is still up for debate. Vendor Lock-In Now as-a-Service.
Large technology implementations and frequently changing business needs have taught most IT leaders that vendor lock-in is rarely (never) a good thing. Even if the vendor is really cool or they use the word service and cloud and remote a great deal, it’s still bad. Organizations want the flexibility to move between cloud providers and implementations easily, but it’s rarely a reality.
There take place a lot of noisy debates around cloud computing, but true maturity in terms of standards, openness and interoperability will have to develop over time just in as every technology before the cloud. There are no magic solutions. The flow of innovation in cloud computing dictates that, even if a standard emerges, vendors will continue to explore proprietary optimizations that make their services different. The term "cloud" is used as a metaphor for the Internet, originating from cloud drawing. In the past this term was used to represent the telephone network.Later it was applied to describe the Internet in computer network.

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  Intrusion Detection

How will a hacker possibly act when performing his “black deed”. He will surely install a "rootkit"(malware) which can be obtained via Internet. A rootkit is software that gives the intruder a privileged hidden access to a computer by destroying standard operating system functionality or other applications. The rootkit is essentially a program or sequence of programs, that is interpreted or carried out by another program rather than by the computer processor which makes a quick work of modifying the system so the intruder is in control. So this is carried out by installing modified twofolds of common system tools falsifying log files or special kernels by means of which similar results are achieved. As a result the most trivial commands can me be modified so as to not show where the files have been stored. Very Smart Indeed!!!

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The long process of Encryption has had its start since ancient times where no computers and other modern computing facilities were available and our ancestors used this for only character substitution. The process of deciphering was a long and tedious process.
In earlier decades when people didn’t have the problem of protecting information of their computerized systems, encryption was only used by governmental bodies to facilitate the secret information during their communication. Nowadays encryption is widely applicable for data in transit that is when information is being transferred via networks, Bluetooth devices, bank automatic teller machines, etc., since this method helps to secure the info which is often difficult to physically secure intermittently.

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  Software License Compliance

Nowadays with the enforcement of Software Compliance rules IT administrators have made one of their goals ensuring the software they apply is licensed or not. Unlicensed software may have undesirable aftermath not only in the financial aspect but also it may harm a firm’s reputation. Here may also be cases when software license has expired but it comes to be used after it. This is not legal. It is illegal when licensed software is applied or distributed to more than one computer if it is not mentioned about it in the agreement that the copyright holder given his permission for it. Software agreements differ and you should make it clear for yourself if it is really what you expect from a particular Software package.

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